Monday, January 9, 2017

Cooking for Picasso

Look at me! I'm back!

I took a nice winter break and now I'm here for a (very) short review before diving back into Red Sister.

And I know, there's no photo this time, but I'll explain why... I'm using my phone and can't get to a computer at the moment. Why wait for the convenience of internet when I've got words to say!

Anyway, Cooking for Picasso isn't my typical read, but it sounded promising. Girl With the Pearl Earring is in my top favorite books. I love art, I love romanticizing artists, so I figured I'd give this one a try. There's no harm in hoping...

It didn't quite hit the spot, but it's a great book (4 stars) I'm racking up my audiobook count and I'm glad I gave this one a go.

See? Short and sweet. Blogging for Books gave me this copy, but I have Red Sister waiting on me from netgalley so I will be reviewing that one next. And I promise that review will be much longer 😉

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