Friday, December 2, 2016

Holliston: Friendship is Tragic

Down on their luck wannabe filmmakers Adam and Joe want desperately to celebrate Halloween to the fullest, but their wallets say otherwise. When Adam finds a pre-paid credit card loaded with money, he decides to buy gifts for his friends Joe, Laura, and Corri from a mysterious shop full of rare items. Little does he know the card carried a terrible curse; one that will not only tear apart their friendships, but tear apart all of Holliston! Loaded with laughs, guest appearances, and horror movie references that fans of the show or just fans of great comics will all enjoy! 
Written by Greg Wright (Monstrous, Wild Bullets), edited by Travis McIntire (Up the River, Bayani and the Nine Daughters of the Moon), with pencils and Inks by Stephen Sharar (Up the River, Wild Bullets), and colors and letters by Joshua Werner (Zombie Rush Riot, Jack of Spades). 

I know I'm a little late on this one being that it's a Halloween story, but I so wish I had read this before my Halloween Reads post because Holliston would have been on it! You can believe it will be on the list for next year.

I hesitated in responding when Greg Wright asked if I wanted to read his newest work, not for any particular reason, I just wasn't up for trying something new and I really wasn't up for the possibility of a disappointing read (it always breaks my heart writing a negative review). I almost said no, but I knew he was working on a project with Jim Kersey, and if you don't know that I love Jim Kersey's work then you're definitely not following my twitter feed (Amok Brothers is epic and you should be checking it out).

If Jim says a guy's alright, then that's good enough for me.

I had never heard of Holliston, I didn't know it was a tv show until I read the foreword in Friendship is Tragic, but don't worry if you've never seen an episode, this novel is a stand alone addition that anyone can enjoy-And if you enjoy this graphic novel I can guarantee you'll want to watch the show. 

My copy of Season 1 is already on its way.

Friendship is Tragic absolutely stole my heart within the first few pages, not only because the foreword is so personally inspiring and completely heartfelt from the creator Adam Green, but also because Joe and Adam are so perfectly adorable. Adam is over the top innocent and completely excited to make this year the best Halloween ever and Joe's sarcastic cynicism is simply hilarious. The banter between these two makes it apparent just how close of friends they are. The connection between them is immediately apparent and even had I not read Mr. Green's foreword, it's clear a lot of love went into crafting these crazy characters.

What's really fantastic is that the creators of this comic are fully aware of just how unbelievable their story is. Greg Wright openly makes jabs at the plausibility of his own story and it only adds to the hilarity of the situation as it's blatantly obvious things are seriously getting f&%$ed up and the guys just keep rolling with it and seeing where the trouble leads. 

The pop culture references are on right on point and I love the throwback to Adam Green's other works. Hatchet happens to be one of the first horror films I watched when I started getting into the genre.

Joe and Adam had me smiling from page 1 and I just can't say enough good things. Greg Wright did an excellent job pulling this comic together. 

I said this after reading Halcyon's Wake and i'll say it again for Holliston- If you can sit back and let the author run with their imagination and enjoy the pure, slap-stick comedy fun they've brought you, then you'll truly be able to appreciate Friendship is Tragic. It's a great ride and I'm looking forward to learning more about this Holliston fandom.

Check out more about Holliston at Source Point Press

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