Friday, October 7, 2016

Space Sasquatch & Butt Hickies- Halcyon's Wake: Faith

In last Friday's post, during the Q&A with Dyrk Ashton, I may have had a little fun at A. Dale Triplett's expense and it did not go unnoticed by the harassed party... I heard he spit coffee on himself.

(My sincerest apologies for the burns you may have suffered Dale, hopefully this will make up for it...)

Not only did Dale notice my quip putting his editing prowess into question, but he took it a step further and challenged me to read his book, Halcyon's Wake: Faith, and actually dared me to hate it.

Well, that sounded like too much fun, so: Challenge Accepted.

                 *5 Star Read*
I'll admit, even before opening to page 1, I really wanted to hate this book, just so I could mess with Dale a bit more, but I am sad (happy?) to report-I genuinely enjoyed reading Halcyon's Wake!

Amidst juvenile fart jokes, threats of butt hickies, and honest-to-god space sasquatch, I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the epic insanity spewing out of Triplett's brain. Halcyon's Wake is clever, entertaining, and a conspiracy theorists wet dream as Major Zack Dalton rides the wake of the world's greatest disaster, giving his life for what's left of his country-and the world.

Halcyon's protagonists are extremely likable, despite Zack's nonchalant humor that had me laughing throughout the book, Beth is my favorite character. And that's saying something when she's up against a semi-purply glowing, mutant, Marine astronaut, samurai...

Yes, there's that much epic in this book.

I am a sucker for a great female lead. Give me a headstrong woman who can hold her booze and out smart a smart-ass and I am one happy reader. I'm convinced Major Beth Hodgson can take on the Drakos single handedly if she's riled up enough to do so. She's not one to let emotions get in her way, she has a duty to perform and she's going to get it done. I am pretty excited to see her let loose and kick some ass in episode II.

This is definitely a series I will be keeping up with. If you're the type of reader who can sit back and allow an author's imagination to just run with it, then you'll really appreciate The Halcyon's Wake Chronicles. Faith is one wild, twisted tale.

I suppose I owe Dale an apology, which he will dutifully receive once I am able to scrub the traumatizing events of Halcyon's Wake from my delicate mind. He is as cruel as he is comical. Bastard...

Death to the Drakos!

About the Author

Arbra Dale Triplett is an author, journalist, copywriter, veteran and editor. He’s been writing fiction, advertising, marketing and UFO-related content for more than a decade. Born in Springfield, Missouri to an Air Force family, he grew up in Texas, Colorado and Illinois before spending thirteen years in Germany. He studied English and History at Oklahoma Christian University, Harding University and Lubbock Christian. He served abroad in the Marine Corps for 4 years, drove semi trucks from coast to coast hauling anything from live bees to oversized freight, and flew in the Air Force as Loadmaster on a C-130 cargo transport.  He’s hung his hat from Alaska to Florida and a lot of places in between. You’ll find him every year at the UFO Congress in Arizona, soaking up conversation at the fire pit with a cold beverage at hand.  He and his wife hang their hat in the west valley of Phoenix, Arizona. 

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  1. You have made my week, Angela. I will have to make challenges more often! Thrilled that you enjoyed the tale, and I promise more to come soon. Death to the Drakos, and may Stone Keep you.

    1. Death to the Drakos!

      And quickly please... Those poor kids... 😳😢😭

  2. Excellent! Glad you liked it, I enjoyed the hell out of it :)

    1. The Tunaki/Tanuki thing still has me baffled and I'll never remember which ones which now lol but yeah, this was a great book!!