Monday, October 10, 2016

Macro Monday!

Ermagerd it's Macro Monday!

I'm short a few macros this week while being cooped up inside for the hurricane, but I still uploaded a couple images.

I'm very excited to start playing around with a new editing app I downloaded-Mextures-it's been interesting so far... I'm posting the before and after image as I did on Instagram as well. I kind of like the crazy look it produces.

To be honest, I would love to write a more interesting post, but my 3G isn't working well enough in my home to upload these photos at home and there are some insane women screaming at each other in this clubhouse and I just can't freaking focus...

So have photos and be happy everyone!

As a side note-Its World Mental Health Day.

Take some time for yourself today, maybe share these photos with some friends as a pick me up.

I know these women arguing here could use a bit of a pick me up at the moment...

I sure as hell know I can after listening to this insanity! (I told you, I could write a better post if I weren't listening to them... so sorry)

 Edited with Instagram

Edited with my new app Mextures

Hurricane Matthew just barely lessened within minutes of hitting us this weekend, very early in the morning. Thankfully my condo and my moms home are both safe and intact.

I did run into a bit more luck with this downed tree out front that just barely missed my parents vehicles and we've been chuckling over our fortune for days. Lucky for them, I begged them to move the cars away from the path of the tree. There's about a foot between the van and the trunk that would have crushed both vehicles if we'd left them in their usual places.

So here are a couple extra images to make up for the lack of macros ;) 
Happy Monday Everyone!!!

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