Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Reads to Make you Howl

 Happy Halloween!!!!

This is by far my favorite time of year. The weather has cooled so I can snuggle inside something warm and cozy 24/7, the wind is howling and sweeping rustling leaves past my open windows, homes are transformed into haunted castles, I get to experiment with more pumpkin seed recipes and I have three ghosts blowing in the breeze on my patio. 

The atmosphere is cold and eerie and perfect and life is good.

Typically I turn on The Great Pumpkin and binge watch horror movies, but seeing as how I have a 4 year old, I have been extremely limited in my Halloween marathons and let's be honest, I am not able to stay up as late as I used to.

Which brings us to the next best option for getting a Halloween fix when the kiddies are kid-blocking the holiday scarefest...


Now, not all of these are scary, but they're fun, eerie Halloween reads that will get your blood pumping and your heart aching to light that jack-o-latern and spread a little salt around your property.

First choice in this Halloween line up is: 

Danse Macabre Now, I know I said not all of these books were scary... but this novella is a quick read and creepy as shit.
A very dark and a very satisfying Halloween read.

He wants to play a game.

Crow nods his approval

Snail brings warning.

The bells ring.

Blue plays.

The Man in the Picture Written by the same woman who gave us The Woman in Black, The Man in the Picture is another fun Halloween read-not scary whatsoever-but a fascinating ghost tale.

The painting doesn't imitate life.

It entraps it.

To stare into the painting is to play dangerously with the unseen demons it hides, and become the victim of its macabre beauty.
It's another quick read that'll get you in the mood for some spooky, pumpkin carving fun.

Nightmares & Fairy Tales is a work of fiction inspired by historical events.

There is truth embedded within the layers of fiction that fill this volume. There is a lesson to be learned and a horror to be revealed, lurking there in the shadows of our darkest times in history.

This is a very unique graphic novel, I love the artwork, the story is satisfyingly creepy and as a bonus, it's YA friendly! Definitely a fun holiday read to share with the kids and safe to read while they're in the room. (Yay!)

Courtney Crumrin I don't even know where to begin with Courtney Crumrin, and I do mean literally because I don't know what book comes first...

But I love, love, love, this graphic novel.

Fantastic artwork, intriguing story, creepy creatures, and again, kid friendly!

Courtney is a young girl who is an outcast at school and ignored by her parents. When her parents move in with her Uncle Aloysius she discovers she can do magic. 

And if those aren't enough to satisfy your ghostly needs, there are a couple books I recently reviewed that are worth checking out: Ghosts from our Past and Onyx Webb.

Ghosts from Our Past is the tie in story for the new Ghostbusters movie and regardless of whether you liked the movie, or if you ever plan on even seeing it, this is a great book. Creepy as hell, at times hysterical, kid friendly and a great read. I really enjoyed this one-and that's coming from someone not planning on seeing the new movie.

Onyx Webb is an indie read, a very unique writing style, definitely creepy and a promising series. 

I have only read book one so far, there are ten in all and I believe eight are published. I have to warn, if you don't like the way the story is set up, then you're not going to appreciate the book.

There are several stories going at once and the book switches back and forth between them. I myself liked it, so try a sample and go from there. It's a very interesting story.

And this brings us to the last books I'm going to beg you to read-and I do mean beg. (Someone love these books as much as me so we can geek out over Joe Hill's work together!!!)

I love Joe Hill's books-minus The Fireman, I'm just going to pretend that one didn't happen-and anyone looking for a haunting and lifelong traumatizing read needs to pick up his work.

Wraith is a tie in graphic novel for NOS4R2. The novel isn't necessarily a Halloween read-it's creepy and satisfyingly disturbing-but I'd suggest reading the book around Christmas. 

You'll understand why when you read it.

Wraith, however, is a great way to start the series and to get ready for a lengthy Christmas read (because NOS4R2 is a tome). The artwork is insane, the story bloody and disturbing and it will give you a taste of what NOS4R2 is all about. 

I LOVE this graphic novel. Check it out, because this ride is not over yet and it will only get more gruesome.

Up until now, all these Halloween Reads I've listed have been short, quick stories to get you in the mood, but here's a more substantial novel that is well worth your Halloween TBR pile.

Heart-Shaped Box scared the living shit out of me within the first three chapters. After the initial shock, I couldn't be frightened anymore, but seriously... Terrifying and an absolutely fantastic book.

Get to reading, get to decorating, and get those costumes finished because Halloween is almost here!

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