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My Top 2016 Read-Paternus, Q&A with Dyrk Ashton

"American Gods meets The Lord of the Rings"

In a breathtaking story that unfolds in a single day, two ordinary humans are caught up in the final battle of a war that’s been waged since the dawn of time.

Great ideas vividly realised,” says M. R. Carey, bestselling author of The Girl with All the Gifts.

"Witty, feisty and passionate," Helene on Goodreads

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2016 has been a great year for reading and I've done quite a bit of squealing and fangirling as the year has continued to drop more amazing books into my lap. First up was Marie Brennan with the fantastic continuation of the Lady Trent series, In the Labyrinth of Drakes, then Jason Hough presented me with with an audible copy of his new, epic series Zero World that I'm really looking forward to continuing. I snagged an ARC of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff and Gemina is just around the corner and just when I thought my bookshelf couldn't get any happier, I happened upon Paternus. 

Paternus, by far, is my Top 2016 Read and my favorite book this year. I was hooked from page one and the story demanded my attention all the way through to the end. 

If you'd like to read my full gushing review (that made Dyrk Ashton blush) you can do so Here, but come back and read through this post because here you'll find an interview with Dyrk, a brand new Paternus book trailer, an opportunity to snag a free ebook copy of Paternus, and lots of exciting news about the book. 

First, the exciting news. There is quite a bit of buzz currently surrounding Paternus-As of this posting, Paternus is one of the final three remaining titles in Fantasy-Faction's group for Mark Lawrence's SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off) 2016, with the winner to be announced any day now! You can keep up with the blog-off and show some love on twitter by following @UnDyrk or @FantasyFaction and see Paternus through to the end!

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Dyrk has also been nominated in 7 categories in Reality Bites Magazine's 2016 book awards competition. Voting is in the final rounds of nominations, no sign up or sign in required, still just 2 clicks and you're done!
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And that brings us to the just released Paternus book trailer... Get ready to say WTF?!?!? Because I know that's what I was thinking my first time watching and that was after I had already read the book. I had to watch it a few times just to wrap my head around it... It's certainly an artistic piece ;)

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I met up with Dyrk recently and had a few questions for him, especially after watching that trailer, but, of course, I never got around to asking him any of them because we were too busy chatting about nothing/everything and joking around. So, if I had gotten around to conducting an interview, this would have been the result. Probably. There's no real way to tell at this point, but thank the gods for email and cancelled meetings that freed up Dyrk's time to appease my curiosity. 
(I promise there's an opportunity for a FREE ebook in this post, keep reading!)

 Q&A with Dyrk Ashton

AB: I know you have one novella planned for the near future, how many books do you have planned for the Paternus series?
DA: This will be a trilogy. The planned release for book two is June 1, 2017, and the third book a year after that. Not sure when the novella will be out, but before book two. The story of the novella takes place in the back story of the world of Paternus, with some characters from the book, and centers around The Deluge. I wouldn't say it's a prequel so much as a story that gives us some insight into the past of some of the characters. It can be read as a stand-alone, but folks who have read Paternus first will probably get a lot more out of it.

AB: VimesArt created the beautiful images for the Paternus trailer, but you produced it. Having read the book, the imagery is a fantastic depiction of the story. What are you hoping viewers take away from this creative piece?
DA: Glad you like it, thank you! I wanted to do a more old-fashioned trailer, with just images and music, more of a mood piece than "here's what the story is about now buy it" kind of thing. The music is actually talked about in the book, it's "Brian Boru's March," which is considered by many to be the oldest properly translatable piece of music known, written in approx. 1000 AD. I think it has the right vibe for the book. One thing I hoped people would think after watching the trailer is, "WTF?" So far, I think it accomplishes that. Does it help sell the book? I have no idea, but being a film guy from way back, I had to do one.

AB: I heard a bit of talk about possibly printing a special edition of Paternus with the artwork included. Is that something to look forward to?
DA: That would be cool, but there are no plans for it yet. Same thing with hard bound, which I get asked about sometimes too. I've been approached about an RPG, and a graphic novel as well, but nothing even remotely solid. One thing I know is happening is the audiobook, which I hope to have available mid-November at the latest. Pretty excited about that.

AB: I'm curious, with how many languages are represented in the book, and how much Russian is translated, how many languages can you speak?
DA: Wow. Jeez. I don't know how many languages are represented in the book. I say a lot of things like "he speaks in pre-Sino-Tibetan," but don't use the words. I do use some, like Sumerian, Latin, and others. And Russian, yes. Luckily I have a wonderful sister-in-law who is from Volgograd, so she helps a lot with that. I try very hard to compare translations and run them past experts when I can, so I hope they are at least pretty close. With things like Sumerian, no one really knows for sure the exact translations, no matter what anybody might try to say, so there is some leeway there. As for me, I only speak English, sad to say, and not that very well...

AB: You and Dale Triplett clearly had a battle over the present tense of the book, a detail you refused to budge on. With the positive reviews pouring in and Dale's admission that he may have been wrong on his stance, have you taken the proper amount of time to gloat over the success of your writing style?
DA: Hee hee. No, actually, I'm terrified to gloat. Dale is fantastic, and helped me incredibly as copy-editor and proofer (highly recommended, by the way. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter). And I'm at this weird place where all the reviews have been extremely positive - but there aren't that many, so I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. There will be negative reviews, and against my style, I know it. I take some big risks, with the present tense, jumping between stories, and even some purposeful third-person limited head-hopping. I made all those decisions consciously, and after careful deliberation, so I'll take all the blame.

AB: In your acknowledgements (yes, I read the acknowledgements page...) you say writing is a selfish pursuit and 'only when [the work is] shared do we crazed scribblers really do anything for others.' But you seem like the least selfish person I've ever met. Are you getting everything you wanted out of this experience and being a new author?
DA: Now you're making me blush. I actually do consider myself to be pretty selfish with my time and energy, one of my many character defects, but thank you for saying that. I'm having an absolute blast. For a new author, I've been unbelievably lucky. It just blows me away that people are reading a book I wrote, let alone liking it. I wrote the book I wanted to read. I had no idea if anyone else would. I actually didn't think about publishing it until pretty late in the writing process, after receiving some positive feedback. If it sells really well, that would be awesome, of course, but I'm honestly just thrilled I can hold it up and say, "I made this!"

AB: Any big events or book signings coming up? Where can we find info out what you'll be up to with some copies of Paternus to snag?
DA: I don't have any signing events planned at the moment. I'll be at World Fantasy in Columbus in October, but not in any official capacity. Best way to find out what's coming up is to sign up for my newsletter at (and you can see the book trailer there as well), but I make a lot of announcements on Facebook (Paternus Books Media), Twitter and Instagram (undyrk on both). As for snagging copies, there's a big Kindle eBook giveaway happening just this Saturday, October 1, on Amazon. There may be more to come, but I don't know when, sorry!

Thank you Dyrk for answering my (probably dumb) questions and for writing my favorite book this year!

As for the FREE ebook copy of Paternus, Dyrk's debut novel will be free on Kindle this Saturday (October 1st) -One Day Only- so make a note to yourself-do not miss this free book-and pick up your copy HERE

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Dyrk Ashton is a writer, educator, filmmaker and former actor active in story telling and media making. Born and raised in the American midwest, he currently resides in Ohio, but the fantasy landscape is the place he calls home.
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  1. Great interview, great guy and a truly great book. I thoroughly enjoyed editing Dyrk's work, and as you noted, he could've done some serious gloating about my qualms over the tense of the writing. He's too nice of a guy, though, and I'm convinced now that he made the right choice. The reviews speak louder than my discomfiture ever did, and I'm glad my fears about the tense being a detractor were proven toothless. I still owe Dyrk a dinner for that one, and I'm grateful that he plans on keeping me around for the next in the series.

    1. You were clearly invaluable to the book Dale, It's great news to hear you're not fired quite yet 😉