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5 Stars

I am not a fan of boxing. Not that I dislike the sport, I have no reason to dislike it. I've never had the opportunity to be introduced to boxing, nor have I ever had the inclination to take the initiative and go to a real boxing match. I'm telling you this now because though I have never felt the exciting rush of seeing two men deck it out in front of me as described in Ian's work, I have indeed read, and enjoyed, Ian's work since discovering Johnny Nothing a few years ago.

So while I am not a fan of boxing, I am a fan of Ian Probert's writing and when I happened upon a tweet about his new and upcoming book Dangerous, I knew I was going to read it.

Ian Probert, if you don't already know who he is (or if you haven't read his previous book Rope Burns), used to write about boxing. Boxing was his job, interviews, press conferences, sporting events, they were his life until he faded from the scene, taking a hiatus from the sport for his own personal reasons.

Now, however, he has reason to return. He's at it again, attending events and seeking out boxers for interviews, but not for the reasons he used to. He's not looking for the next big name in boxing, he's digging up the past and putting regrets and memories to rest.

Dangerous is a deeply emotional journey through Ian's past and the struggles now plaguing him and his former colleagues. Both physically and emotionally, the abuse these guys take is astounding and absolutely heartbreaking.

And they would do it all over again...

Ian's writing keeps me hooked, he's witty and makes me laugh out loud with his awkwardly subtle humor. He's brutally honest and has put his soul on the line here, but what's more is he's opening the minds of his readers to the darker side of boxing, and to that of life itself.

The depression among the athletes, the secret suicide attempts, the injuries and permanent damage done in the ring. That sudden, vacant stare when the athlete is unaware they've momentarily blacked out...

Dangerous is a captivating, eye opening book revealing the true risks and sacrifices of becoming a world champion. It's a difficult climb to the top of any mountain. The hikers leave themselves open to the elements, biting winds and crumbling peaks. So the real question to ask before taking the climb is;

Is it dangerous?

About the Author

Ian Probert is a writer and journalist with more than twelve years of experience in books, magazines, and newspapers. He studied photography and filmmaking at Exeter College of Art and is an enthusiastic photographer, filmmaker, musician, and digital artist.

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