Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Shkode Series

The Shkode Series

4 Stars

A child plays innocently in a mother's lab and a world is torn apart. Time passes for life within the split world, history becomes lost to myth and fables and soon their reality is truly separated. Until, they start to collide. Nothing can save them from their impending doom, not even the promise of a mother to a heartbroken child.

But, as long as life exists, there remains hope. 

The Shkode series exists in a multi-dimensional universe of endless possibilities and E.D.E. Bell is stretching her imagination as far as it can go. A diverse and excitedly inclusive book, the series showcases three worlds trying to come together to save each other. 

The Banished Craft is a wonderful world building piece and sets the stage for book two. We discover what motivates the characters, what hinders them, and just exactly what they'll do to get what they want. There is a great comparison between the two separated worlds that builds in The Fettered Flame with amusing similarities and common ideas. 

The dragons are anthropomorphic, which I hadn't been expecting. It's another unique view of dragons, seeing them as free thinking, free spirited beings rather than mindless killing machines in search of war in many dragon novels I've read. I enjoyed reading how dragons would compare to humans in things like jobs and clothing and the dragon world is cleverly thought out and full of life.

The books are very inclusive and very revealing of the characters, all their faults and personal experiences. There were several moments I did not see coming. The story is definitely unexpected. There is a lot to learn about the world, but it's all in there and well laid out. I really enjoyed this series and can't wait for book 3! 

When I was approached about the books, I did ask for a favor... I asked for physical copies to give away!

I have a hardcover copy of The Banished Craft with a beautiful dust jacket and I also have an Advanced Readers paperback copy of The Fettered Flame, both signed by the author. Enter the rafflecopter and do not miss this exciting sequel!

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