Thursday, August 11, 2016

I, Q

4 Stars

Hang on to your butts, because I'm about to get Trekkie on you.

I recently picked up a copy of I, Q, a Q novel written in part by the great Q himself, John De Lancie, along with writer Peter David-who writes excellent Trek novels.

I love it, all the characters are always exactly on point with Peter David and everything is laid out in a perfect Star Trek style mystery that keeps you guessing til the final reveal.

My frustration lies in my inability to accept the story as truth... The issue is this: Peter David wrote another book, Q-Squared. In this book, Trelane is back and terrorizing the Enterprise and Picard's crew, under the lackadaisical gaze of Q. Q reveals himself to be Trelane's 'godfather' and is given the charge of reeling him in and teaching him just what it means to be a Q (a job he himself admits is a ridiculous task to fall to him and his very un-Q-like persona).

*Spoiler Alert*

In Q-Squared, Picard concludes that Q is actually Trelane's father, and his mother thought because he was so much like Q, the only person to change him would be Q himself. Q never denies he's Trelane's father, he pretty much confirms that not only is Trelane his son, but he was in love with Trelane's mother and the two had an affair, Trelane's 'father' never knowing his son wasn't really his.

So, Q has a son.

He also has another son in I, Q, with his wife, to whom he refers as 'lady Q'. So in I, Q, he's married and has another little q, nearly the same age as Trelane.

I suppose it makes sense that he has two sons... It was difficult enough to believe he would allow himself offspring in a book published in '94, now I find a book published in '99 claiming he has yet another son, AND a wife.

I'm having trouble accepting Q has enough affection or loyalty to anyone to have been married... Maybe his marriage was somewhat forced, a way of hoping he would calm down. Though his wife really does hold affection for her husband and is said to have chosen him over all other Qs.

I can more readily believe that he has more than one offspring, and this is through Q's own words. He claims he never saw himself as a father and never wanted to be, but he sees his little q as a 'means to an end'. Meaning the Q continuum has become too 'complacent' and stodgy' and the continuum needs 'new blood'.

So... just how many offsprings does Q have??? I can imagine an entire army of Q's q's taking over the continuum some day and throwing the universe into chaos...

I guess I need to do a bit more research on Q and keep reading the Q novels. But at this time, and with the facts before me, I'm concluding that Q plans to take over the continuum with his army of illicit offspring.

The book I, Q really is fantastic, I just can't get the question out of my head and I can't stop reading between the lines and trying to fill in the blanks. And I'm a little frustrated he's married... Especially when in Q-in-law he toys with, and falls for, Lwaxana Troi. He certainly has a problem. Someone needs to inform his wife... ;)

I just feel the relationship between Q and his wife, and the fact that he has a wife in the first place, too far fetched and out of character for him. I can understand his actions and feelings toward his son, it's definitely a motivator to save your child, despite any detachment or supposed nonchalance one might feel. It's a child for gods sake! Even Q can't be heartless enough to leave little q to a terrible fate. But as for his wife... I don't know. I think he'd see his freedom far more intriguing than risking his immortal neck to such high stakes for her.

Still, it's a very intriguing storyline, very well written. If only he wasn't married...

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