Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Onyx Webb

Happy Hump Day! Just finished up another gripping read, Book one of the Onyx Webb series.

4 Stars

The Onyx Webb series is a mish-mash of colorful tales, interconnecting in a web of fascinating coincidences. Each tale gives a view into a new generation and the ways in which Onyx Webb's story has directly affected a century of history. Onyx Webb is a mysterious, hard crime, ghost story that keeps you asking for more.

Every chapter is a leap through time and space, handing out tidbits of information about our characters. One chapter we're in Louisiana, the next New York, the next Illinois. 

It takes some getting used to, jumping around every single chapter for a few pages of history, but for the most part it works. Each scene is titled with the time and place, your job is to remember the characters and where you last left off.

I was worried at first, with such short scenes and skipping stories so often, but once I got the hang of it, it worked. My only issue was when I came to the end. If only the book had ended two pages earlier... Just shy of a reveal that would have been best left for episode 4, the beginning of book 2. I would have been left begging for more and instead I left cheated out of much needed answers. This is going to be a long series, 10 books in all, but the good news is, most episodes have already been published. 

I'm curious to pick up the next book and see how long the rapid scene changes can continue to hold my attention. I thought the setup was fantastic in the first book, but I have a feeling I may have trouble keeping focus for another book filled with a whirlwind of information for me to keep up with.

It's a very good read, well planned and well thought out. If you like the setup, and I suggest you give it a try before dismissing the book entirely, then I think you will thoroughly enjoy this series. There is a lot left to be told in the story of Onyx Webb.


  1. Hey Angela, sorry it took me so long to visit your blog! And thanks for reading and reviewing ;)

  2. Hey Angela, sorry it took me so long to visit your blog! And thanks for reading and reviewing ;)