Friday, July 1, 2016

How May We Hate You...

4 Stars

From page one I thought this book was going to be fantastic. It was funny and clever and touched on everything I hated about working customer service. There are adorable drawings, amusing photos and funny games to play as you read along. And I really have to say the cover is fantastic.

Then, about halfway through, I thought it had hit a low point. I almost didn't continue. The side comments became bitter and stabbing remarks that included name calling and belittling that I really thought was unnecessary for the book. It had been so funny without that, so why become angry and biting halfway through? I pressed on deciding I shouldn't review the book solely based on a few negative pages and I'm glad I did.

I completely understand why anyone would have negative things to say about customer service jobs. I hate working customer service. People are rude and treat you like shit, but the book is hilarious without the name calling and it remained a positive outlook on all the horrible crap minimum wage workers deal with.

I have never worked in a hotel, but anyone can relate to this. We have all wanted to scream in some idiots face and tell them how the world is better off without them. How May We Hate You is a great release for your frustrations. You are not alone in your suffering! From horrible customers to the most annoying co-workers, this book will help you deal with all that pent up anger and remind you that it's just a job. And some day it will all be over.

This book was given to me for review by Blogging for Books

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