Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Fireman

4 Stars

I don't hate the book.

Just have to make that clear from the start because I'm a little amped up.

No, it's not the book I hate, it's the people in the camp. The insane, blindly following group of idiots that have banded together behind their own sense of morality and no one is going to tell them their wrong.

And why does that piss me off?

Because I AM Harper. That's exactly what my role would be in this scenario-the only person still maintaining an opinion contrary to the popular kids. I relate too much to her, I've been through too similar a situation (minus the fire starting infection) and I'm just really ticked off! It's a giant clique, if you're not with them, you're against them and that means you deserve death.

It hurts, I'm getting physically pains in my body reading and seeing where these disaster survivors are heading. They're ready to kill people, other people who need as much help as they do, just to prove something, to prove they're just as loyal as the next person in camp.

Joe is absolutely right-in this kind of scenario this is exactly what would happen. It's not humans against the spore-it's still just humans against humans. Those who learned to live with it, those who can't, and those who take advantage and hide behind religious fanaticism and believe all their actions are sanctioned by some higher power and therefore they're better than everyone else, DIVINELY so, even.

I understand that it's states the spore is partially to blame, it's need to be accepted by the host and therefore accepted by those who could harm the host, but it's just all too true. This is life people. One long quest to fit in and proving you're just as good as all the other people who don't think they're good enough. It's too true, too much idiocy, for me to handle. I prefer a bit more magic and daydreaming in my books. 

The story is good, it's a unique illness with an interesting turn, but when I'm angry the entire time reading it, I just can't fully enjoy it. Yes, it's a long book by page number, but it's an even longer book when you can't punch the idiot that's pissing you off in the story. There were moments that lightened the load and I enjoyed the Firemans role in the story very much, but at the moment I'm still seeing red. I don't think this book is good for my blood pressure...

I've finished well over half the book, I'm so close to finishing... I just need to go punch a pillow for a few hours first.

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