Saturday, June 18, 2016

Antiques Roadshow; My Nerdiness Knows No Bounds

I have no idea how I am able to get online right now with this insane storm happening outside, but I am going with it because I am totally psyched about what happened today!

I have always loved the Antiques Roadshow. I've watched it for years, YEARS. I was a toddler sitting in front of that tv, glued to PBS and all the beautiful treasures I saw, dreaming of the day I'd have something worthy of getting on the show.

I couldn't believe it when I, simply by chance and boredom, looked up this years tour schedule and saw they were coming to Orlando! THE ANTIQUES ROADSHOW COMING TO ORLANDO!

I HAD to apply for tickets.

Often, when my son was much younger, we would visit flea markets and antique stores to get out of the house and see just what treasures were to be found. I never typically buy anything, I always imagine the pieces I pass up will sit on a shelf covered with fancy knickknacks and memorabilia and fill the hearts of dedicated collectors and dreamers. I suppose I simply hadn't found my soul yet.

(If you haven't read Secondhand Souls, then you should. Mainly because you'll understand where I'm coming from)

One day, when checking out my favorite booth, a corner stall filled with fancy furniture that always seemed to delicate to actually use, I found this painting.

           The Fisherman's Pride                                      Me and my little blonde baby boy
                                             (circa 1880-1900)

And I just stopped. And stared. I couldn't believe it. It was like staring into a mirror, an alternate universe. Another time where I was a fisherman's wife and our blonde headed son was adorably clinging to me!

I have no idea how long I stared... I'm pretty sure the security guards were watching me closely, but I knew I had to have it.

I have been asked so many times who painted a portrait of me and my son. They just couldn't believe it wasn't me! I know it's not an absolute exact liking, but it sure as hell fooled me and quite a few of my friends and family.

I finally had a treasure.

I knew, for the past few years, that I wanted to take it to the Antiques Roadshow. I didn't care if it was worth anything, I had never had anything worth taking and I just wanted to take my print that I am so proud of and live out my childhood fantasy! Don't you dare laugh at me ;) As I said, I've been watching this show for over 25 years and never dreamed I'd ever have anything beautiful enough, interesting enough, or worthy to attend a filming.

So when I applied for the Orlando taping, I crossed my fingers and begged to let this be my opportunity. I wanted to go so bad. I was absolutely floored when my tickets arrived!

I believe there was a little tear action going on...

The show was this morning! I took my stepdad for Fathers Day, and though we are no richer in the bank than before we attended, I am so much richer in spirit. It was an absolute dream come true. I got to see backstage, upfront views of how everything works. I got to see people filmed to air on an episode. I got to see so many insanely beautiful antiques and a thousand smiling faces. It was absolutely wonderful.

Yes, we stood in line forever, but you would not believe how happy everyone was. Everyone spoke quietly, waited patiently, shared their stories. It was so much fun, and you get to see so much more than they show in each episode!

My appraiser was Nicholas Lowry, a man with a sense of style and confidence I could never achieve. He was so much fun and I really don't think anyone other than him could have pulled off that red plaid suit...

I met people who had been to over 6 tapings, having won tickets to several different states. People follow the show around on tour applying for tickets in every state! One woman said she'd been applying to receive tickets for years and finally made it. And here I made it my first time! I am so incredibly lucky and so insanely happy I got to go. I wish I could have stayed longer!

I was so disappointed when I was unable to wait in line for a t-shirt, we were already late in leaving, but it turns out, twitter is some form of an internet god because Liberty Mutual found out I was unable to get a shirt and they're sending me one! I about cried again. I cannot wait for that shirt to arrive. I am so thankful to Liberty Mutual for helping me out and for Antiques Roadshow for having me on the show today!

I did not get my million dollar ticket, but i had so much fun. Since I wasn't filmed I am free to share with you my experience and my print I love so much. I didn't make it to the Feedback Booth either, but maybe some day I'll try my luck again and make sure I have the entire day free :D

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