Thursday, May 26, 2016

Upcoming Reviews

I took the advice of a friend and reached out to start receiving Advanced Reader Copies straight from the publisher. I had been considering the idea and wishing I knew how, not knowing where to begin or if my blog and my opinion were important enough to be considered for such a publicity endeavor. I did some research first, finding out who to contact, what to say, what info to present about my blog and I prepared myself for rejection. I really want to be first in line, to upgrade my blog and find a larger audience. I love reading, I love stories and I love to tell stories and I enjoy being a part of the writing/publishing process and getting books into the hands of readers.

So I sent out a few emails. Two emails, actually. Thinking I'd hear nothing of it and forget all about my fanciful dream a few weeks from now.

But I did get a reply... TWO replies in fact, both adding me to their publicity list to receive ARCs! My first ARC is on its way!

I contacted several publishers after and I may contact a few more. I'm looking to receive Fantasy, SciFi, and Horror mostly, but we'll see what comes of this! I am so excited, I never thought anyone would reply and now I have four total publishing companies with my name and my blog on their lists!

I've been running this blog for two years now, most actively in the last 8 months reviewing personal book choices as well as those offered by blogging for books and a few Indi reads.  I've always wondered about ARCs and only own a few that I had to physically be present to get and now I have a means to receive them personally 😁

My first ARC sent straight to me for review is Nevernight by Jay Kristoff! As soon as it arrives I'll be reviewing Nevernight and I am so freaking excited. I've read all his books and they seriously keep getting better and more epic as he advances in his career. Illuminae is so popular right now that he and Amie can't even finish their signing lines! Hopefully when they're here in November I'll be able to get all my books signed.

Right now I'm trying to finish The Fireman by Joe Hill before Nevernight gets here. Joe Hill is another author that I've followed all his publishings. NOS4A2 is easily my favorite, along with Wraith that was published as a graphic novel, but The Fireman has potential to replace good old Charlie Manx... We'll see. The book is fantastic so far.

On a side note, there's one more day to enter the Wonderland giveaway. If you enter now, it's yours. I can't understand why I can't even GIVE a book away. Any tips on what I'm doing wrong? It's FREE! Someone take it .

As for my own writing... Well, I do have a book in the works. I'm editing heavily and doing rewrites at the moment, in between reading, darning, cooking, cleaning, caring for an accident prone child... I have my hands full with starting a business while continuing my writing career, both of which I'm very dedicated to. To speed up the reading for my blog I'm considering switching to audible... Then I can kill two birds with one stone and become the all powerful super career driven woman who appears to be mature and savvy while actually cheating time and ultimately death like I want to be. 😊

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