Friday, April 1, 2016

The Library at Mount Char

5 Stars

Epic, Engaging, Mysterious, and Totally Mind Blowingly Unique.

It's not often I can't put a book down. I'm not the type that takes my books to the bathroom... When I gotta go, the book's gotta go.

But not this time. I couldn't stop, I had to know more and the most enjoyable thing about reading this book is that I wasn't even confused for a second! Most times when authors keep secrets from the reader, they become so mysterious that the ultimate secret becomes more confusing than it's worth.

Hawkins did an amazing job at making me believe everything Carolyn said. I didn't care it wasn't normal or that she didn't complete explain, I simply believe her because she told me to. Little by little everything became clear and infinitely more exciting.

I will say, after the initial climax, and trust me, it was epic, the book suddenly dropped to a lull and lagged a bit. There's quite a bit more story, and for a couple chapters I was left in the duldrums wishing the book had ended faster, worried my review would have to drop a star because of the bad ending.

But it picked back up and the ending is just a beautiful as the rest of the story. 

I feel like I just had something amazing attack my brain and I'm left shell-shocked and suffering from a severe case of PTSD.

I think I've found another author who's work I will be following.

This book was given to me by Blogging for Books and I am so glad that they gave it to me.

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