Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rise of the Dead

4 Stars

Not my typical book to review, but I do enjoy reading a good zombie book from time to time. After reading Rise of the Dead I'm actually in the mood for more guys and gore so expect perhaps a few more terrifying reviews to come!

Jeremy Dyson is a new author, Rise of the Dead being his first book, he raised funds on Kickstarter to get a 'kick start' into publishing. I backed the project and have eagerly awaited the completion of this first time novel.

This book is action packed from day one. The characters hardly have time to crash from one adrenaline high before the next kicks in. Things move fast, in mere days society disappears and the few remaining fighters struggle to find safe haven in a new world where no one can be trusted and revealing your hideout will most assuredly get you killed.

The first few days of a zombie apocalypse are the most crucial-You adapt or you die. Jeremy did a great job at keeping up with the spreading virus, though at times it would have been nice to slow down and really take in the scenery. The characters didn't have time to contemplate the flood of death and destruction, they only had time to act. Dyson really got into their heads and let the reader get a feel for the confusion and dismay, but he missed out on some great opportunities for plot twists and world building.

But that's ok! This is only book one, there are more to come and the more an author writes and practices their craft, the better their work becomes.

Overall it's a great read. Fast paced, action packed, and one bloody battle for the human race.

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