Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Alchemy of Reality

2 Stars

I have been trying to find the right words to review this book, but I just can't so here goes.

I nearly gave up after the first story in this anthology. The author was attempting to be mysterious, giving is as little information as possible while still emphasizing the fear instilling in the main character and why her situation was so frightening. But, rather than coming across as cryptic and terrifying, the story was confusing and not the least bit scary. 

The only detail we have to go on for how scared we should be is how ridiculously scared the character is of absolutely nothing. She goes on and on about a side character-who did absolutely nothing that I could tell should scare her-and she's terrified of how he made her feel. The problem is the author made no attempt ME feel that way. There were no subtle behaviors from the antagonist that made me uncomfortable, he said nothing out of the usual that made me stop and think twice about what he meant.

And then there was the ending... I won't even attempt it. I have no idea what happened.

It's not just the lack of imagination and frankly lack of skill on the author's part, it's the overall editing and selection process that failed this book. There are numerous mistakes throughout, the stories are uninteresting, and then there's the formatting... I cannot read when the words are not spaced evenly across my screen. It causes the story to he disjointed, it takes to long to make sense of a sentence, it gives me a headache.

I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. 

This collection of short stories needed a lot more love and care all around, and if possible a more interesting cover. I was given an Ebook copy to review and I'm sorry I don't have a more positive review to write. The book simply needs more work.

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