Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Power of Broke

I heard Daymond John speak on Real Radio on the Monsters in the Morning show several weeks ago. He was discussing his overseas affairs, how he teaches people making dollars a day to double their income by making a few dollars a day on cell phone he provided them. 

I hadn't put much thought into it before, but I do the same thing. Perhaps a few dollars isn't as life saving for me as for the people he was talking about, but I sure could use those few dollars I save with coupons scanned from my phone, rebates I send in for on apps, the constant use of social media to sell myself and my ideas in hopes that one day I'll find that niche only I can fill and take off with my own business plans.

Then, The Monsters mentioned his book, The Power of Broke.

I was intrigued, a book about being successful when starting with nothing but an idea and a will to see it through? Yes please!

Aside from my winning personality and a great smile, I've got nothing. Nothing that could fund any of my crazy ideas when bills are piling up and a Big Mac and fries are fine dining.

Despite my interest and my desire to learn any secrets to success The Power of Broke may hold, I didn't go into this book with high hopes. I've read success stories before, I've read autobiographies of people I admire hoping to glean the smallest tidbit of advice to kick start my future success, but I've never found anything useful or even the least but inspirational.

The Power of Broke gives the read ALL the power. Yes, it's another book about success stories, essentially models you can't follow because that's not YOU, but the book isn't about following a model, it not a step by step guide on how to succeed. 

This book is about YOU. The entrepreneur trying to make their place in the market. The stories are inspiring, sure, but that's not what's important. What's important is the fact that these people had nothing, just like me, and found a way to make something. 

Again, there's no guide in this book saying do step A and B will come of it... No, this book tells you to be yourself, to know who you are, where your going. Don't just sell your product, sell YOU and your ideas and if that's not working, step back and figure out why. If it didn't work the first time, maybe it'll work the fifth time. Don't have enough money to expand? Maybe you should work with what you have and the rest will come later, or maybe you don't need that change at all.

The Power of Broke is packed full with Power Facts- inspirational facts about how large companies were once nothing, how individuals found a way to build interest in themselves and made a living from it. 

There are also 'Shark Points', pointers from the other investors from the show Shark Tank explaining how to stay motivated and to look toward the future.

All great ways to get pumped up to get going, but I have to admit it's also a bit disheartening. It's a very powerful tool, don't get me wrong, but it will also point out your faults, what needs work, why you haven't yet succeeded. It's difficult to hear, that all your success rides solely on your ability to keep going when everything seems to be failing. 

The Power of Broke is a great motivator, but it's still up to you to do the work. Reading is simple, applying what you've read is challenging.

If you're really broke, (as I am since I had to get this book through Blogging for Books to afford it) there is an explanation in the book for what SHARK means to Daymond John which he further explains (for free) on his website

I would suggest giving it a read and if it's enough to get you going then just imagine what this book can do for you.

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