Friday, February 26, 2016

Dead Diary

3.5 Stars

Have you ever gone through and read your old diaries and journals from when you were little? A lot of the entries no longer made sense did they? Things happened in your life then that seemed important and you tried to take the time to write down every detail, but after you got to writing you thought, 'I'll never forget this!' so you quickly jotted down the basics, a brief interlude about how enemy A called you a name and the bus driver smelled bad and essentially left out everything that was so important and now you have no idea what you were talking about.

It's confusing to read right? 

Well, so is this book because that's exactly how it was written-like a young girls diary who is so tired and inexperienced at writing that she forgot all the important details.

We know she's tired a lot, we know she has a lot of ghost clients, but we don't know how she helps then, we don't know these intricate ghost backgrounds and life stories she refers to, we really don't know anything but that she somehow helps ghosts and a girl named Amber is confusing her with her on again, off again friendship.

The idea is fun, and the entries in Mathildes diary are exactly what you would expect from a young girl. The problem is-that doesn't give us a story. There's nothing fascinating about vague, daily diary entries. What we need is dialogue, intrigue, a mystery. Something that moves the story along and sweeps us away with it.

Maybe if Mathilde wasn't the only one telling the story, if there were chapters outside her diary or more detailed encounters with these ghosts than it would have been more interesting.

I admit, the cover, and the fact it was free pulled me in and I really wanted it to be good.

Cute book, but it still needs work.

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