Friday, February 26, 2016


Overall I give this series 4 stars, but as for Firelight that was just released-it deserves a full 5 star rating.

I've been reading Amulet for years, it's not your typical graphic novel publication with an issue released everything month. The author Kazu Kibuishi writes the books as well as drawing all the illustrations so starting this series was a real commitment. When one book of the series isn't so great, it's difficult to wait the year or so until the next book when the last one left a bad taste in your mouth and that's been the case for book five and six. 

I felt like I was holding on to the series, waiting for something new and exciting to finally occur, hoping I wouldn't have to give up on it for good without a proper ending. 

I loved the first book and immediately bought book two, but then had to wait for each book to release after-I did NOT want to give up this series!

The artwork is breathtaking, some taking up two full pages of amazing views from this world, the story is imaginative and intriguing. The characters have real depth even in the few interactions we witness in in the 100-200 pages filled with panels of just artwork.

The books really are fantastic, the last two releases waned a bit though. They're filler stories, catching up on all the things we need to know to move forward in the story and with book 7, Firelight, recently released I can understand why!

Push past books 5 & 6, learn all you need to know and let book 7 sweep you away. There's so much to this story, Emily and her brother are learning and maturing and are set to save the world... But not everything goes as planned!

Book 7 is THE best book in the series so far with two more books until completion. If you haven't read Amulet yet, now is the time to start because Firelight will leave you begging for more.

Absolutely fantastic read. I'll be re-reading the entire series now to prepare for book 8! 

These books are kid friendly and a great read at any age for fantasy and graphic novel lovers and the illustrations will blow you away.

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