Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016 Reads

By looking at my blog since 2016 began it would seem I haven't read anything since the start of the new year. That's not the case at all, I simply haven't found a book I've felt like blogging about. So, I'll blog about all of them.

3.5 Stars

First off this year, I finally read the sequel to Lies and Prophecy, one of Marie Brennan's first books that she self published. There's a prequel as well, Welcome to Welton that isn't a necessary read, but it answers a few questions and fills in gaps in the timeline, so if you're going to read the series, I suggest picking up a copy of the prequel.

The original two books I read after supporting Brennan's kickstarter, a project she put together to get the next part of the story finally finished. 

I wasn't particularly disappointed with backing the project... Lies and Prophecy was one of her first books, definitely not the best read, but it was entertaining enough to keep me interested in the next installment and that I was disappointed in.

In Chains and Memory, a lot happens to accomplish nothing... Very little interaction occurs with the Sidh, in fact, the story has really nothing to do with the otherworld that was so imminently threatening the human world. Several months after the Sidh were meant to invade and take over, nothing has happened. No rash decisions have been made, no major changes to life as we know it. Everyone's still waiting.

And we're still waiting.

It's more a political statement than an urban fantasy adventure. If you like politics, you might enjoy it. Otherwise it fell a bit flat and I was disappointed.

Not a good start to 2016.

5 Stars

Next up was Debtors Planet (I couldn't find a good picture of the cover-sorry)

If you like Star Trek The Next Generation and you enjoy stories of the Ferengi then this is an excellent read. 

I personally hate the Ferengi and even I enjoyed this book. The characters were well written and the dialogue was true to their personalities which can be hard to come by in Star Trek books. 

I'm waiting to release my review of this next book as it's going to be the first book of the month for a local author, but next up was Shadows of the Past.

No Rating

I was introduced to Shadows of the Past by a friend, I'll get in touch with the author and let you know what I thought soon.

5 Stars

So I moved on to another Star Trek book I picked up from a thrift store. I love finding hardcover Star Treks in good condition 😊

This is an Original Series read I really enjoyed. The characters were spot on, the story was a mystery until the authors decided to reveal their secrets, the plot was daring and historical events were on point. I loved it and I particularly appreciated their reference to the point at which all civilizations became entranced with the dream of stars- the point where they are ready for space travel and to explore new worlds.

It's a whole new look at the Prime Directive and it's faults as well as it's necessity. 

For TOS lovers, it's a must read storyline into the lives of the Enterprise crew.

Moving on from The Prime Directive I'm heading into the City of Blades-a fantasy novel sequel to City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett. Let's hope 2016 keeps getting better!

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