Friday, November 27, 2015

Season of Wonder

This year, no matter how many ways I looked at it, I just wasn't read for Christmas. Or Thanksgiving for that matter. 

My sons birthday is so close to the two big holidays and his big day fell dramatically flat and I just didn't have any motivation to try and make another day special after all my former efforts went to waste.

I was ready to give in and skip the holidays.

I was actually going through my unread books for my ebay store when I came across Season of Wonder. I almost, almost, put it up on ebay without a second thought, but as I started typing out the back cover description, I changed my mind.

4 Stars

I won this book two years ago and never touched it, never even knew what it wa about. It came in a pile of books, one of which was so riddled with typos that I swore off all that came with it, sure that they would be just as terribly edited as the first.

There are the occasional typos in Season of Wonder, but not enough to turn me away. I very much needed a new approach to Christmas, a fun and innovative idea to spark a childlike wonder in me and renew to magic of the holidays and somehow this book did it.

Forget the classics this year, I went straight of the weird and other worldly.

Season of Wonder is a collection of sci-fi/fantasy Christmas stories.


I don't know why, but this was exactly what I needed. The stories were so interesting and so new and exciting that it put me straight into the spirit of Christmas.

It's such a fun idea-I love sci-fi, love fantasy-and needed a kick in the pants for Christmas. 

The classics are great, but they've lost their marvel for me lately. They're just not the same when you're the one working so hard to provide Christmas for the family. Think of this as the adult version of Christmas. It was a really fun way to get motivated and get going.

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