Saturday, November 7, 2015

Career of Evil

4 Stars

The third book to the Cormoran Strike novels has been at the top of my TBR list since the moment I finished The Silk Worm. I preordered a copy over six months ago and couldn't believe it was finally in my hands last week. I pushed aside all my other books begging to be read and devoted all my free time to Cormoran Strike and his savvy side kick Robin and whatever whirlwind adventure they cooked up this time.

I'm sad to say, I was sorely disappointed this time around. I'm not sure if I had built the book up to unrealistic standards by my growing excitement, or if the book really did fall flat on its face. The relationship between Robin and Strike is stale, all the excitement between them gone in the wake of Robin's wedding. Strike is doing nothing to discourage Robin from marrying the prick she's saddled herself with and it irked me throughout the story.

Robin... poor, stupid Robin... really got on my nerves. I love how determined she is, how hard she works, how amazing she has become at her job. But I hate, with a passion, how she stays with Matthew. He's awful... I can't stand it and it's left this grudge between me and Robin and I can't forgive her for her actions.

Beyond Strike purging himself of all emotion as well as any opinion on pretty much anything, and looking past Robin's numerous mistakes, the story is very intriguing. I admit I had no idea who the perp was, whether it was even one of the men they were investigating on Strike's top list of suspects or someone completely off base. I found the perspective of the killer to be both repulsive and fascinating and overall the book was well put together and grippingly fast paced. 

I loved Robin up until this book, but I am hoping, with the mysterious cliff hanger at the end, she can redeem herself in the next book... I hope... I don't think I can live with her being married to Matthew, it bothers me that much. I'll give the next book a chance, but I don't have high hopes for continuing this series.

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