Monday, October 19, 2015

Death Note

One book, of the hundreds I've read, has so enthralled me, so amused me that I have read it again and again year after year. 

The Phantom Tollbooth is by far my most cherished read.

That isn't to say I haven't enjoyed a book just as much, in fact there are many books I have enjoyed MORE and I've sworn to read these again someday, but The Phantim Tollbooth always ends up winning that battle.

As of last Friday, I had won numerous gift cards for my local comic book shop for my team winning Sunday night trivia (we were literally slaughtered last night at horror film trivia... It was sad) So I took my gift cards and decided to pick up a new series to read.

Some god was on my side that day because it lead me to Death Note.

I picked it up off the shelf... And put it back. I had never read anime or manga before, I thought the story seemed intriguing, the artwork was nice, but still, I had to phone a friend. I asked him if I should have this 'death note' a try and he replied:

You mean Death Note with L and Light and Shinigami and death and awesomeness? It's only my favorite series ever and I have good taste.

Well, he does have good taste because Death Note (black edition) volume one is officially the second book I have ever re-read, and that was within the first 24 hours of just having finishe it.

I felt like I'd withdrawn from a drug I was so unsatiated with where the story left me.


Which is what lead me to spending all my hard earned gift card on the entire series so I can find out what is happening!

Let me give you a brief run down.

Light Yagami is a high school student preparing for college. 

Ryuk is a bored Shinigami who wants to amuse himself and drops one of his death notes into the human realm.

When Light finds this death note he is of course skeptical of what the note describes itself as. A book of death. Write any name into the book and that person will die. Through trial and error Light discovers the death note is indeed a Shinigami book of death and he sets out to make his delusional eutopian world in which he will pass judgement as the gods who sent him his power.

His efforts, however, are seen by some as murder and L will do anything to stop him.

I am on volume 2 now and I am blown away. Trust me, I'll be reading volume 2 again as soon as I'm finished. L and Light are both geniuses at opposite ends of the good/evil spectrum, their battle of wits so subtle, their desire to make the world a better place so similar and yet so completely different.

If only their places had been switched...

All I can say is you have to give this series a try, trust me, I have good taste 😉

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