Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Martian

5 Stars




I saw the previews for the movie a few weeks ago and thought, 'Hey, that looks cool,' and then I saw an offer to read the book on Blogging for Books and thought I'd go for it.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I love this book. The story is a mixture off Watney's mission logs and communications with NASA as well as chapters written with some great dialogue. It works, and it's wonderful.

The book starts off fast, in the middle of a crisis, and just keeps getting better-or I should say worse-as astronaut Mark Watney fights for his life. 

I would not want to be him.

The technical jargon and math didn't confuse me, or bore me, for a second. You don't have to understand it, just read and realize how intelligent, and strong willed this guy is to try and survive all the hardships he faces. You almost have to laugh about his misfortune, which is exactly what you will be doing as Watney is a pretty funny guy with his smart remarks and screw you attitude, because let's face it, he's the smartest and most qualified person on Mars so screw everyone else.

I'm really not sure what else to say aside from READ THIS BOOK, and then check out the movie, which I am now very excited to see. The Martian is a smart, funny, exciting, and completely out of this world read.

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