Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Floating City

4 Stars

I'm not incredibly sure what to write about this book so I'll just start typing until I get out what I'm trying to say.

The Floating City is a Shakespearean Fantasy... yeah, that sounds right. The story is a mixture of Shakespeare's greatest tragedy's, to which we all know the ending, all happening within the Floating City that is facing its greatest challenge.

The city is sinking into the deep waters below, being attack by their enemies, the Othmen who continue to send powerful creatures of evil to destroy the council members holding the city afloat. The people are terrified and their council's are falling to doom. The situation seems as hopeless as the Montecchi girl's marriages, two of which have already ended in death.

First, I'll say this book was very well written. It keeps you on your toes and begging for more... but only because you are so confused and want answers. I'm still not sure what the story was really about... Nope, I have no idea what happened in this book.

I chastised myself for about a week thinking perhaps if I were a more intellectual reader, or if maybe I had tried to pay attention when my teachers taught Shakespeare then maybe I would have understood this book... But I'm done blaming myself. It's not me, it's the book.

I was given this book for review by Goodreads, First Reads Giveaways.

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