Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Haiku Hiatus

Having spent most of my day writing, reading, or wiping up messes a little boy refuses to stop making, I decided I need a break.

I just finished reading Joe Abercrombie's 2nd Shattered Sea book, Half a World, and I am head over heels for Thorn. It's an exciting read with a strong female character and I feel a need to read it again just to experience her all over again.

I seriously can't wait for the third book, Half a War, that I hope to purchase ASAP.

Abercrombie makes writing look easy. He really does, like child's play easy. He doesn't go in depth with his world and it's politics, you know what your characters face, what they know about life, and that's it. It makes for a fast read and despite the lack of details where I feel a bit jaded, I don't feel I'm really missing out on the story overall.

In short, I recommend reading his books.

As I'd prefer to keep writing and rolling in the word count today, in taking a break from writing my current project to writing this blog post, and maybe writing a bit of a Haiku based on Thorn that's been itching at me all day.

For Thorn Bathu

Death awaits us all
The Last Door swings open wide
Strike the killing blow

Now... Back to work.

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