Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fallen Project

I have a project I'm starting and I'd like everyone to have a chance to be involved.

The project is called #Fallen and is up on, if you're not a member of tht community, don't worry, people will be participating on Instagram as well.

For those who would like an account on HitRECord, check it out! It's a website to collaborate on projects and get your writing, videos, illustrations, artwork seen an used in projects-you may even get paid for it!

So, what is Fallen?

Fallen as of right now is a collection of photographs and poems with the theme 'Fallen'

I started this project with my photography of fallen leaves and raindrops and I'm looking to expand and get new ideas.

The plan so far is each Monday I will be selecting one photograph to be uploaded to Instagram with a new poem -author an photographers credited- the plan is to use #Fallen and to collect thoughts, opinions, feedback, poems, stories, anything you want to write on the Instagram photo and upload the results to HitRECord for the authors and photographers to see.

The main goal is to have a collection of photos, poems, stories-everything-for a collective gallery of art and ideas.

If you're interested-Follow me on Instagram!


 I'll always give notice before the new image is posted, and feel free to join in!

Tomorrow will be the first post, let's see how this goes.

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