Saturday, July 25, 2015

YA Genius-The Beauty that is Illuminae

I typically avoid reading series written by the same author, I find I love the first series so much, the next I try to read becomes less than I expected and rather than be disappointed, I avoid reading other works entirely.

In this situation, however, Illuminae is a collaborative effort between one of my favorite authors-Jay Kristoff-and an author I have never read before-Amie Kaufman.

I was so incredibly lucky to get an Advanced Readers Copy from San Diego Comic Con-Not because I was lucky enough to attend, but because my brother in law was asked to run a panel at the convention and, as he will forever remind me, he stood in line for hours waiting for a copy just for me!!!

Best Comic Con I've never been to by far ;)

I have been following the authors creation of this book for some time now (over a year) and the excitement in their tweets and blogs and emails was absolutely contagious. They knew they had something brilliant brewing and they couldn't contain their pride in their accomplishment.

This book is mind blowingly creative, painstakingly pieced together to form a story you won't soon forget.

My review as posted on Goodreads:


An intense, fast paced Adventure/Mystery/LoveStory/Thriller/EverythingYouWanttoReadinaBook that messes with your head, damages your heart valves, and leaves you feeling used, confused, lied to, and strangely uplifted...

Illuminae is the most unique book I have read, hitting nearly 600 pages creatively lumped together in a collection of information and observations as well as personal logs and private conversations that piece together the amazing story of Kady and the insanity these crazy authors throw her into.

This book is not one to set aside for later! Trust me, you'll be done with it in no time. There is no putting this book down. And god forbid there be cursing...

I have to say, this is one I will be reading again... And again... And perhaps again just to take in everything there is to find hidden within the 600 pages (yes 600 pages!)

Very YA friendly while still providing a thrilling story ANY age will love.

I have yet to read another Amie Kaufman book, but I will definitely be checking out her work. If you haven't read Jay Kristoff- You need to! The Lotus War series is to die for and movies will be produced in the near future, he's already sold the rights.

If you want to check out Illuninae, now is the time to order! It's nearly half off on preorder at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Do not miss this book!