Thursday, December 4, 2014


4/5 Stars

 WhipEye is a fast pace adventure, unpredictable from start to finish, pulling us between worlds and their impending doom. From magical creatures to ancient evil, the young Sam and her friend Jake must battle alongside Charlie, the final methuselah, to prove the Earth realm is worth saving.

 This middle grade fantasy touches on friendship, honesty, righteousness, and overcoming tragedy. A very relatable story for kids today, a young girl grieving over the loss of her mother and the severe change from two parents to one, a young boy seemingly lost without a father figure, facing the same challenges of growing up with only one adult at home. Saign has created very real characters coming to life in a very unreal adventure.

 WhipEye's first person view gives us the insight of the main character Sam and helps the reader truly understand and experience her troubles. The book is filled with wonderfully depicted emotions giving the reader a roller coaster ride all the way to the end.