Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Study in Steel

4/5 Stars

The world has changed. Humans are a thing of the past. They began surgically implanting technology into their bodies becoming more and more like cyborgs than humans until the world came to war. Humans were wiped out and human-like creations took their place. These cyborgs feel desire, a need to work and be productive members of society, holding a semblance of human ideals and purpose, though they are also flawed. There are addicts struggling to over come the need for their next hit, hoping they don't shut down in the nearest ditch, becoming spare parts. Outlaws hide human contraband from the moderators who deal out extreme punishment for all things human. And then, there are those who can't stop the growing feeling that their tech is malfunctioning, being unable to feel satisfied with their jobs like all those around them. 

Vera and her team have their own job to do; find a piece of ancient tech. Their client wants the job done discreetly and her team know how to do that best. Just as the job seems a success, the team is blindsided by the unexpected. A team member decides their troubles are out of his league and quits, their boot drive team member gets unexpectedly wiped of its memory, and Vera, their leader has the uncontrollable need to find out what went wrong.

A Study in Steel is a great futuristic action story. The team has great chemistry and their world is unique and interesting to read about. I couldn't put the story down. The book was a little too clean cut, events working out just in time, the team always has a way out, but still a very enjoyable read.

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