Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Fallen #1

5/5 Stars

Chavali is clan seer and she takes her job seriously. Her people need her, not only for making money when they stop in towns, but also to use the spirits to guide and protect them. She does not regret her position within her people and she keeps her peoples secrets close to her heart. She knows everyone in her clan inside and out, she has seen her families dreams and even her sister has taken to thinking what she wants to say to Chavali instead of speaking private conversations aloud.

Her gift of reading minds and occasionally seeing into the future is rare and coveted leading to her people being attacked to obtain it. When she loses everything, the Fallen take her in and she devotes the next five years of her life to their cause, but not before attempting to rescue the last of her clan. Clan is everything. Clan is happiness, clan is hope. If she is not the last then the clan can rebuild and survive.

Many secrets still lie hidden, many held by Chavali herself as she refuses to share with any but clan. The world outside her clan is strange and stagnate, filled with unique gifts among the Fallen as well as their enemies giving advantages to each side. In book one the reader learns of Chavali and how she came to be in the service of the Fallen. We learn little about the Fallen and their quest of reunification and only glimpse the potential of this world.

From the first chapter I was hooked. The characters and their dialogue are real, personable and intriguing. The reader steps into their world and feels welcome pulling you in making it difficult to put down. Chavali is a strong woman with all the right reactions and decisions which you don't find often in a book and I thoroughly enjoyed her character. The book has the right pace and the right amount of secrets leaving you wanting book 2. The Fallen is a great fantasy book that I will continue to read through to the end.

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