Sunday, May 25, 2014


4/5 Stars

Sully is the Big Cheese in his middle school and he does not take his job lightly. He leads his band of miscreants in a barrage of pranks they consider funny and harmless, though their classmates would not agree. Sully sees his fellow students as "wanna-be's" unable to be as cool as he and his gang. He feels they see no fun in his pranks because they're jealous of him and his status.

That is until Karmack is forced to do his job. Karmack balances the world, he does what the universe tells him to, and when he gets the message that Sully and his gang need to be balanced before their Karma (what Karmack calls a skyscraper) comes crashing down on them in a pile of destruction, he goes about the task full force. 

In attempt to save Sully and his friends, Karmack is spotted by Sully who quickly captures him and asks him to stop. Sully tries every trick in the book to get Karmack to stop picking on him and his friends, not liking the taste of his own medicine.

Karmack is an adorable tale that anyone who has ever been bullied will enjoy and wish the little guy had been around to teach their bullies a lesson. This is a good, quick read with a good message and let's hope Karmack is out there somewhere showing the worlds bullies they're not so tough.

*Spoilers Below*

I do have an issue with the way Sully's skyscraper is removed and balanced back out. He has to grow up, which is understandable, but in growing up he has to deny himself for the good of all. His class can't go on the field trip until someone fesses up to defacing an important photograph of their teacher's mother. Sully knows he didn't do it, but in order for the class to go he lies and says he did do it and takes the punishment so the class can go. While that's thoughtful, I don't see this as growing up since it's still lying. The real issue though is Karmack tells him since he gave up his own happiness for the happiness of everyone else, that means he has grown up and that's why he no longer has his skyscraper. I don't want children to get the idea that they should deny themselves as long as everyone else is happy, nor should they think that is how it is to be grown up. I hope they don't get the wrong idea.

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