Friday, May 2, 2014

Artist Appreciation Day

Today was Artist Appreciation Day at Waco Elementary School and several artists came out to share their love of arts and crafts with the students. So many students love to read and write and tell tall tales, quite a few of which I heard today. Most exciting of all was the number of students who want to be writers, beta readers, and one who decided editing is best for them because they despise books with grammatical errors (Their words, not mine)

I shared my tall tale with them, I even ate lunch with a few (oh cafeteria food how Ive missed you) It is so encouraging to hear children say "I want to read your book!" Or "You did a great job" and even "PLEASE GIVE ME THIS BOOK!" I left a few copies for thr school book fair and to be catalogued into their library and I really hope they enjoy.

All of these students said they were required to keep journals and daily logs that many went above the requirement admitting they write and illustrate their own books! We discussed writers needs for good illustrators, which they are learning about through Captain Underpants drawing guide ;) Next event I'm bringing paper and pencils because they all wanted to write me a story.

After begging and pleading for copies of the book I admitted I had planned on leaving a few surprise copies and we worked out the deal with the teacher in charge of the book fair to give everyone a fair chance at getting a copy :) A few couldn't wait to start reading...

(I love the kid in the back's enthusiasm)
Activity time suddenly turned into reading time 
(I did not instigate this, kids took my books and ran... as well as my wallet but I got that back intact. Note to Self: Kids like to take things they're not allowed to have)

There were several more artists and though it was a long day, I feel it was an amazing opportunity to encourage kids to read (and write!) more.  Now I seriously need a nap.

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