Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Today marks the first day of the Mother Daughter Book Reviews Book Blast for Sticks n' Stones and the Garden of Phea. I hope you'll check out the book and sign up for some prizes. Mother Daughter Books celebrates many wonderful books and you should stop by their site to see what other goodies they have to give!

I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself and my book and while youre here I would love to answer questions. I was born in Kentucky and spent most of my life in Berea, the arts and crafts capital of Kentucky. Every year we celebrated with Christmas Country Dance school, I am a wonderful Contra dance partner ;), and attended Contra dances throughout the year. I was a part of the Festival Dancers that performed at events and schools to bring our Appalachian culture to Kentucky residents, as well as around the world in yearly trips to Europe and Denmark. Berea also hosts a Craft Fair every year where craftsman from around the world come to sell their goods. Its a major event and tons of fun. Mainly because the Festival Dancers perform ;)

Now you know a little about the unique and creative world I grew up in, lots of art and culture and tradition.

I attended EKU and recieved a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography, yes im a photographer. My photographic work is available online if you want to check it out, just look up Chasing the Wind Photography on Facebook.

Despite the fact I chose to got to school for something other than literature or creative writing I do feel my art training was crucial to tearing apart an idea and looking at the world in a unique way. I am very thankful for that.

I could give the story that I have always wanted to be a writer, I kept a notebook next to my bed so I could record my thoughts and dreams late at night, but that seems to be everyones story so I'll skip that.

Sticks n Stones took a year to piece together. I saw very clearly what I wanted in my mind and I took time to get the story down the way I envisioned it. It took another two years to edit and get published but it has been well worth the wait!

Emily is very much like I was as a girl, very quite, keeping to herself, a little on the plump side. I, however, wasn't teased as she is, though I saw it quite often done to others. Her character was meant to be a part of a short story and it grew into a world that will hopefully continue into a series of young adult books. She has lots more to learn.

I remember peer pressure being the most difficult to resist in middle school. High schoolers mature a bit, looking toward licenses, college, and the future and they are a bit more equipped to handle the world. Middle school is full of huge changes, no more recess, your body begins to mature when BO becomes a problem,  girls become "women", and whether we as parents like it or not, sex becomes introduced to our kids. Yes, I remember the stories of exploits joined in by my friends even at that young age. Stuck in an age too young to decide your future but too old to still be a child, its a tough time.

Emily is stuck in the troubles of young adults and she finds she has to face them rather than run away. With the help of a few new friends she goes on an adventure that changes her life.

I hope you will check out the book and enjoy a story about finding yourself and seeing that you are uniquely beautiful.

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