Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fable: The Lorn Prophecy Book 1

An action packed, teenage romance where the main character doesn't give 'it' up the first chance she gets. (Hallelujah)

Stevie is a teen fully expecting her life to change after graduation, but she did not see this coming. She was adopted as an infant and when her mother is attacked by men with glowing eyes, her mother reveals the strangeness of Stevie's adoption. Stevie is coming of age causing her birthmark to enlighten and reveal her true identity as one of the Djen race. With her protector and the love of her life, Colton, to guide her, she grows into maturity and her Djen abilities faster than she realizes. Her duty? To save her native people from evil reign. 

Her human friends stick by her side proving friendship is a stronger bond than our troubles. Her mother, Jan is a strong character that supports Stevie while keeping a cautious head on her shoulders. One thing I enjoyed about this book is that Jan had reason to let Stevie go. Stevie is now an adult that has to make her own decisions, but not only that, her mother doesn't simply give in and disappear to make room for the story line. Her reasoning in letting her go makes sense, if I'm making any sense in explaining this. 
Also, the language and behavior of the teens is a very real portrayal of young adults. There's good dialogue between characters. 

This is book one of a series and Stevie's story does take place in the human realm, but her Djen protector does allow us a glimpse of what is to come in book two when Stevie will be reunited with her people.

I enjoyed reading Fable and would love to keep reading about Stevie's journeys.

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