Friday, April 4, 2014

Edible Book Day Contest

Taking a short break from my Edible Book Day entry. Last night I was baking during Hells Kitchen and fully expected Chef Ramsay to pop out the telly screaming at me for not following the recipe exactly... I think they taste fine and it saved me 20 minutes of sifting flour ;)

If you've not seen Chef's new kids chef show, you should watch it. These kids are amazing little cooks and Chef is super sweet and completely encouraging. Almost makes me not afraid of him... FYI, he finally rid himself of the awful Hells Kitchen contestant that cooked a frozen meal as his special dish in the first episode. I'm thrilled about that.

Anyway, My cocoa cupcakes are all baked and stuffed with marshmallow cream filling (all made from scratch I might brag) and now I'm off to make the buttercream, graham cracker icing, and to top it off, Marshmallows cut into petals on top to make each cupcake look like a blooming flower. Perfect timing for spring, and oh yeah, my book hitting the shelves!

Yes, I am creating a bouquet of Smores cupcake flowers (Thank you Wayward Backers for the Smores idea) to celebrate Edible Book Day at our local library with a tasty treat to announce my new book Sticks n' Stones and the Garden of Phea. They're due at 10 am tomorrow morning so I really need to get going while the little one is asleep...

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