Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tropic of Serpents

Lady Trent is at it again in pursuit of understanding and documenting dragons. She travels to the Tropic of Serpents and finds herself, once again, in over her head. The heat is scorching, the forrest is dangerous, the dragons are magnificent.

This book is exciting and unexpected from page to page. Tropic of Serpents is another unique look on dragons and their interaction with humans. Dragons live up to their legend as being fierce and worshipped by the local people but first and foremost they are animals with behavior to study and dissect. Not only has Brennan provide us with excellent detail of body structure and explaining flight capabilities, we also get a look into the world of breeding, the differences between breeds and their environments, and their unique behavior, all packed into the memoir of a strong female lead who admits she clumsily risks her life in pursuit of her goals.

The story also provides a deep look into Isabelle's world of class and female expectations which she defies and comes out victorious in scholarly discovery. She gives great details of the people she encounters and the reader gets a look at the severe differences between Scirling, Yembe, Moulish and more. Brennan leaves nothing out, except what is only meant for the ears of the Pure, and she opens up a world of strong characters, diversity, and political gain.

I have enjoyed both Lady Trent Memoirs tremendously having read both straight through upon receiving them. I won A Natural History of Dragons and I am happy I have the book a chance. They are not your typical man vs dragon or man taming dragon stories and I very much appreciate the chance to understand and appreciate dragons in their natural habitat. I hope someday she releases an actual Natural History book describing each dragon with sketches and such. I would buy that book in a heartbeat!!

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