Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Gift of Charms, The Land of Dragor (Book 1)

The land of Dragor is shrouded in mystery. No one comes in, and no one ever leaves. The smoke rising from the Fire Which Must Never Go Out covers the land in a shroud protecting the dragons from the outside world, and that's the way the council wants life to continue.

Yoshiko is a red dragon born from an unusual egg and on the day of his birth he was neither deemed a blessing nor a curse until the day he could prove he was one or the other. The rules of this land keeps Yoshiko from being what he is, a color changing dragon. No other dragon can change colors, and such a feature is feared and removed from Dragor.

Bullied at fire school and feeling a misfit, Yoshiko works hard to grow strong to complete three tasks set before him by Guya, a dragon that keeps to himself, in order to understand his destiny and to learn the secrets lying outside the only world he's ever known. Their world is about to change as Yoshiko comes closer and closer to unraveling his destiny. Join him on his journey and learn more about the Land of Dragor as the first ever color changing dragon seeks to restore the world with talents long lost.

The Gift of Charms is a wonderful story through the eyes of a dragon society seeking to live in peace, but something is brewing. It has a unique view on the age old rivalry of dragon vs human. I enjoyed the fact that the dragons are not held as evil, blood thirsty creatures. They seek peace and freedom. Yoshiko's determination and growth in himself is a great example for kids and I would gladly let my son, (or daughter if I had one) read this book. It holds a great lesson in being yourself and being proud as well as standing up for yourself against the unkind words of others. I look forward to the next book!

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