Saturday, March 22, 2014

Johnny Nothing

Johnny Nothing may be BORED at Uncle Marley’s funeral, but his life is soon to be come far from BORING. Uncle Marley is dead as dead can be, but he is bringing his family to life with his quirky bequeaths and requests set forth by his solicitor Mr. Dark. Johnny Nothing had nothing, as his name clearly states. Even after Uncle Marley gave Johnny everything, he was still left with nothing. Johnny’s mother is the worst mother in the world as she takes his inheritance and spends more and more of his money on her own selfish and outrageous desires. Johnny has to devise a way to stop his mothers spending before she continues on her path to drain the account Uncle Marley left to him before Johnny is able to fulfill Uncle Marley’s final request.
Johnny’s quiet personality, and his innate fear of his mother, leaves Johnny feeling helpless, but he is not alone. Will Johnny replace the money his mother has spent before it’s too late? He must team up with the only man truly on his side and teach his awful mother a lesson.
This story is written through the eyes of the narrator who gives lively, sometimes overly smelly, descriptions and advice, (don’t smoke kids!) bringing a comedic side to Johnny’s dark tale. The images in the book are very unique and creative and give a clear picture of just how disgusting Johnny’s family is. A very unique, dark, comedic tale that truly tickles your funny bone. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, at times laughing a bit too loud, and I highly recommend reading it.
Johnny Nothing is only available on Kindle, found here:
Check out the sample and see if it’s for you!

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