Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Day of Firsts

Today I had my first book signing (Yay!) and it went very well. Lots of friendly people, one congratulated me on being so young and having been published (Thanks!) and I was also asked to do another signing in a town near here. I’ve always loved Half Price Books and they’re a very friendly bunch.

That’s First of the day #1.
First of the day #2 is not so great. On my way home from the signing, my car once again shut itself down without warning and I had to coast to the median in the middle of I75. I barely made it off the bridge, which would have seriously sent me into a panic attack. How is that a first when you said ‘once again’? I hear you asking. It’s not. The ‘First’ I am speaking of is calling 911 because of my car breaking down. We were in the middle of a highway up against the median with heavy traffic coming both ways. Which leads to another first, the cops never showed to help me. Oh they were around, I saw two cars pulled over while I and my son sat ignored, but none stopped to help. Even when 911 said they had sent someone.
Did I mention it was raining?
No, not raining. Pouring. Cats and dogs. Nor’easter. Pitchforks and hammer handles.
First #3. Since the cops were clearly not coming to help, I called Transportation Assistance, which I did not know about today (Seriously, put the number for your state in your phone) who showed up, fixed my car, and sent me on my way.
Did I mention I had to pee?
By the time Transportation Assistance got there, there was no holding it. I think my insides are permanently scared from the experience. I begged the driver to just forget the car and take me to a bathroom! A tow truck was on its way, (yes, I nearly called the army to rescue me and my child) and I asked if the tow truck could just bring the car to the bathroom I was using and pick me up from there. That was out of the question and one look at my son and the Transportation guy was ready to run for it. (Men… smh)
Did I cry?
Hell yes I did. Have you ever been stuck in the middle of nowhere in the rain and having to pee? You would have cried too. I cried like a little girl whose pony was just ravaged by a pack of wolves as she screamed out “NO! Mrs Pumpernickle!” Only mine was more like “NO! Why the f@#$ is it always *&^%$@* ME? I have to @$#%^*! Pee!”
Don’t worry. My son slept through the whole thing.
I however got to be the grownup and rescue us, yet again. I really should have a metal for the number of times I’ve saved us while still keeping my head and not giving up. It’s been rough.
So my day started out all, Yay! And now it’s all like, I just want to go to bed. I survived and the towing company got all my profits from todays sales. Big congratulations there way I guess. I’m going to bed.

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  1. Angela, Thanks for your fun comment on Goodreads about Stevie. I will start your book today. Yesterday was working on the next book in The Lorn Prophecy series and I was beat by the end of the day!