Monday, December 30, 2013

The Silver Strand

I finally received the book I have been waiting for! L.J. Clarkson sent me a copy of her book all the way from Australia just in time for Christmas. I mean literally, I received it on the 21st, she really tapped into her mastermind on that one. I started reading as soon as we arrived at my aunts for Christmas and didn’t put it down until I finished the book on Christmas Day.

Isabelle has five days to unlock the mysteries of her sick silver strand before its failing magic drains her of life. After wishing away her silver strand at the end of an embarrassingly strange school day Isabelle learns of her magic and the world she could have been a part of had she not unknowingly wished her magic away.

Three tests bar her path into mastermind academy where she will learn to use magic… if she can get it back. Dragons, shape shifters, scheming council members, death seems to await her around every corner and with every passing minute.

The Silver Strand enters a world of lost races and magic of the mind. The voice is perfect for the age group the book is targeted towards and makes for a quick while creatively entertaining read for adults. I recommend this book as a swift, in between read for my adult friends out there that enjoy young adult novels as much as I do.

Down Miami

Down Miami is a book I found recently on the front glass counter of a local flea market. The book caught my attention being bound in woven coconut husk and I had to have it.

This book was the first ever printed in Miami, Florida and even has photographs of the authors favorite aspects of the area. There is a hand written note on the first page stating when the book was written, 1920, and that the book was the first printed in the area. Hand written notes accompany many images as well.

The story is told in three parts, that tickled me since I love Rothfuss so much. I only describe this book in detaik because I’ve tried finding the book and copies dont seem to exist.
Donald is away at war and has sent home two Dachsunds he rescued from tye cruel training methods of a French prince. He asks his sister, refered to as Young Miss until her name is finally revealed to a new coming suitor she meets at the end, to care for them until he can come home and enjoy them. Friends and family come to visit the Young Miss as her parents are away and they fear she is lonely.
Now, there are a few racial slurs and such being the time it was written in, so her uncle threatens one of her servants as well as her brothers dogs and she takes them across the river to their cabin where the dogs are stolen by a traveler that the servany, Isaac tells of their value.

Meanwhile,  her crabby and awful uncle is tricked into relinquishing a load of money where two lovebirds fly off to get married and start a life together.

The only one truly sorrowful for the loss of the dogs is Isaac who searches until they are found for Donald and everyone expresses their relief.

Aside from the racial issues, at just under 60 pages, Down Miami was an interesting story that I had to carefully read with the tender pages which made the read take a while longer than it should have. I was afraid of breaking it! I had the most interesting time discerning words written in the accents of the speaker, I never knew ‘sure’ could be spelled ‘suah’, it literally took half the book to puzzle it out.
Since Down Miami does not exist on Goodreads Im sudo giving it 4 stars and if you were ever so lucky as to find a copy I would read it.

‘“Down Miami” the coming of the night is only the tender unfolding of the moonlight into the sunset, and the sky, low-hanging and velvet-black, quickly springs into blossom with its myriad of peeping stars, until its earth-sister, the jasmine tree, in bloom.’